470 MOD 2 – Partner Project: Job Offer Negotiation

Read Attached Exercise 15: Job Offer Negotiation – Joe Tech and Robust Routers. After reading the offer letter, you are not in agreement with the terms. For this CT, choose a friend, family member, or co-worker to complete the assignment. One of you will assume the role of the HR Director and the other of the prospective employee. You want to negotiate the following items:

Salary at $92,000 annually, paid bi-weekly,
Signing bonus of $20,000 paid as a lump sum within 15 days of offer acceptance,
1500 stock options,
No relocation to Silicon Valley. Rather, you want to become a telecommuter and remain in Nashville, TN. You are willing to travel, at company expense, for one week once a month to the Silicon Valley location,

Due to remaining in Nashville, TN, you are willing to forgo the relocation bonus of $5000.

In a well-written essay of 3 pages following d APA Requirements, report on the following:

Did you reach an agreement in this negotiation? If so, how satisfied are you with the terms of the job offer? If not, are you satisfied that you did not agree? Why?

If you reached a settlement, how do the terms of the agreement compare to your target goals? What areas were you willing to forgo?

Would your responses be different if you needed to secure employment?

Who had the “power” in this negotiation – the company or the prospective employee? Explain your answer and provide sources as support.

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