Adapting to Global Environmental Change

Blog post : The human dimensions of global environmental change extend beyond policy and economic applications and include the role of values and worldviews expressed through human behavior and opinions. At the core of our response to environmental changes, and the science that is warning us about what is to come, is the debate about whether we should: act now with deep structural changes and without regrets to avoid the worst-case scenarios,make small and incremental changes based only on what we know for certain will come, orwait and see with reactive measures to avoid making changes that were not necessary.Surely, many of you have had these debates. For this blog, you must make a case for one of these three approaches. Clearly state which of the three options you are arguing early in your blog and discuss one example of the sort of change you are arguing in favour of, i.e. a deep structural change if you have chosen option a. Consider carefully whether the change you are discussing represents a deep structural change (something that fundamentally changes how we, as a society, organize or operate), a small, incremental change (something that more or less allows us to continue along the same path) or is a reactive measure. For example, an incremental change related to transportation would be a shift towards electricity-driven automobiles, whereas a deep structural change would involve fundamentally changing our transportation choices away from private automobiles and towards mass transit and active transportation choices. You must use a minimum of two strong sources, one of which must be a peer-reviewed journal article Think of this as a blog post by a science writer, which means that it should have the following features. A compelling and captivating title.A writing style that is professional, yet approachable.Accurate information based on credible sources.It combines factual information with anecdote.It makes a very clear and concise argument.

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