Afro-Brazilian Religions

Paper must provide a literature review of 15 different sources discussing Afro-Brazilian Religions (short history on Yoruba, how these religions arrived to Brazil. Candomblé and Umbanda. After a discussion and link of material presented in the literature review must be present in the paper on the contemporary status of these religions, if they are popular, do they cause any problems, etc. Perhaps the existance of these religions in popular culture can be discussed. A clear thesis statement must be provided at the begining of the paper!

The paper is NOT simply a description of what Afro-Brazilian Religions are.
Sources must be academic from journals or books. No web page, blog, or other similar material.
When citing please use the author-date chicago style with correct page number for every source.
Reduce passive voice.

I have uploaded a source list with some good articles (URL included) and books on the topic. I need 15 sources minimum.

I do not need a conclusion – I prefer to write these myself.
I really need the literature review to be solid.
I really need for the thesis statement to be clear and reflect the rest of the paper.

For the discussion part I would like to link these religions to a contemporary theme (gender in candomblé, racial issues, class, minorities, etc)

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