Answer questions based on principles

Answer the following questions two pages per question. Give evidence from the text, “World Ethics” by Wanda Torres Gregory and Donna Giancola.  The answers must be based on principles and not what you think.

1. Discuss the meaning of the Socratic maxim “know thyself” as a moral imperative. What is the nature and significance of the debate over the ontological of the Good in Plato’s Euthypro?

2. Discuss Plato’s notion of “unchanging truth.” What constitutes the basis of knowledge of the Good? How does this relate to the doctrine of the Forms? What is the nature of Plato’s ideal form of Justice as presented in the Republic?

3. Explain the following quote: “the good of man is the active exercise of his soul’s faculties in conformity with virtue.” What are Aristotle’s rational claims concerning the nature of the good? How does it differ from Plato’s notion of the absolute form of Good?

Please use the book to answer the questions

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