So this is a part of a group project where we are suppose to read Gloria Anzuldua’s Borderlands/ La Frontera and her meaning of her book is suppose to relate to a current event. The current news we decided to use is the current epidemic of the exponetially rising number of young undocumented immigrants crossing the US/Mexican border alone it is and through the reading of la frontera we found that this current issue the border crossing creates the existence of physical and emotional boundaries between immigrants and topography.
My part of the project is to read half the la frontera book and discuss what she talked about in the second half of the book(there is poems in there) to the current news we choose. You do not have to read word for word but just make sure you understand her meaning and purpose of the book. Please use detailed examples to back up the relationship between the book and current news (my professor is really picky about this) and make sure to write like you actually read the book.
-Please write no more than 3/4 of a page
-Please google a little about the rise of young immigrants crossing the border (if you can’t find anything please let me know, I’ll find it)
-I will included a PDF of the book
-I will also include an introduction (first paragraph) and what one of my group member wrote for the first half of the book with relation to the current news (second paragraph). Please read hers to get an I idea of how to write my part (don’t copy her though).
-so their is not confusion, I do not need an introduction for my part. This project paper is all together as one paper.
-It is okay to add your opinion if you want
-if you need anything please message me

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