assume the role of an HR professional who has been tasked with determining what training and experience is necessary to successfully apply for the following position

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For this exercise, assume the role of an HR professional who has been tasked with determining what training and experience is necessary to successfully apply for the following position:
Excelsiorville Job Description
Job: Economic Development Coordinator
Title of Immediate Supervisor: Economic Development Manager
Job Summary
Perform professional city economic development activities requiring the application of advanced economic development, business, and urban planning skills.
Task Description
1. Collect and interpret data and information used to prepare formal reports presented to various public and private groups, including computer-based systems, maps, tables, and charts.
2. Create and write ordinances, resolutions, development agreements, grants, and studies; participate in the formal review of proposed actions and/or decisions; and make oral presentations before the City Council and other public bodies and citizen groups.
3. Administer various economic development incentive programs, including tax increment financing, property tax abatement, sales tax refund, gap financing, faade easement programming, workforce development assistance, and other programs of the department as assigned. Assist in the negotiation and management of contracts and agreements of the department.
4. Collect and analyze business, financial, and economic data of proposed business projects, and make recommendations for City actions based on the findings. Provide input on City capital planning activities.
5. Initiate planning, research, and marketing efforts to attract new industries and businesses to the city and assist existing ones to expand. Conduct business recruitment, retention, and expansion program visits, and take appropriate follow-up action steps in support of this program. Serve as a coordinator between City and development groups to facilitate, support, and promote economic development opportunities.
6. Represent the City in local and regional economic development. Serve as a development project liaison by assisting potential and new businesses in site analysis, including demographic, tax, development, and related information. Provide input and assistance where appropriate regarding City licensing, permitting, regulations, and processes.
7. Facilitate partnerships and activities among community entities involved in workforce development.
8. Maintain a working knowledge of the existing inventory of available buildings and development sites within the community, including maintaining a working relationship with the professional real estate community.
9. Perform other such duties and functions as are incidental to the proper performance of this position.
Based on your reading in the selected reading by Hartline and De Witt, answer the questions below.
Respond to the following:
What training and experience do you think is necessary for this job? Why have you selected these criteria?
Describe how you will you measure the training and experience criteria that you selected in the first question. Please be sure to discuss both why you selected particular measurement tools and why these tools are superior to other options.
Post your primary response. Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.

Hartline, M. D., & De Witt, T. (2004). Individual differences among service employees: The conundrum of employee recruitment, selection, and retention (Links to an external site.). Journal of Relationship Marketing, 3(2/3), 25. doi:10.1300/J366v03n0203. Retrieved from

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