Below are the instructions.

“The first case focuses on Madoff Securities and, in particular, the role that his accountant, David Friehling, played. Mr. Friehling’s firm issued unqualified audit opinions going back at least a decade. You are required to research the critical issues surrounding the Madoff debacle, specifically as they relate to Mr. Friehling and his firm. This will involve obtaining preliminary background information on the Madoff issue as a whole as well as information specific to Mr. Friehling. Pay particular attention to issues related to the AICPA and the SEC. In addition, you should research the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct to analyze specific sections that are applicable to Mr. Friehling’s actions.
Your paper should address the following:
1. The paper should have a good, solid opening that provides an insight into the topic and the issues that you’ve researched with respect to this case. For example, the opening can provide limited general background on Madoff Securities, the Ponzi scheme, etc. as they relate to Friehling, but the overall opening discussion should lead to the issues listed below. Keep this to no more than two concise paragraphs.
2. Discuss key issues of the case as they relate to Mr. Friehling’s actions, or inactions, in relation to the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct. Identify and describe the issues and provide examples to clarify and amplify your discussion. (i.e: What rules, if any, did he violate?)
3. Discuss key issues, if any, with respect to Mr. Friehling and the SEC.
4. The paper should contain a clear and concise conclusion that summarizes the paper.
5. It should also contain a brief discussion wherein you opine (express your opinion) in the last paragraph or two on Mr. Friehling’s conduct in this matter.

The paper should be no more than three pages in length. It should have a fourth page that contains a list of works that you’ve cited. (Note: The paper may not cite the textbook or Wikipedia.) The paper should be double spaced using 12 point Times Roman font with pages numbered at the bottom center. The paper must be submitted in MSWord format. See the syllabus for instructions on uploading the paper to Blackboard. Do not email me your paper. The paper should be well constructed and grammatically correct with minimal spelling and word usage errors. Be sure to appropriately cite quotes and facts contained in the body of your paper. Be sure that you understand the definition of plagiarism (see Syllabus) and that your paper does not violate these rules. References may be MLA or any other generally recognized citation format.”

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