behaviorist learning theory in instructional design technology

I need from you to write research paper about behavioral theory learning in instructional design technology. This is my thesis This paper will examine behaviorist learning theory in instructional design technology. It will provide the definition of the theory, and examine a historical overview of the theory. Finally, it will apply the behaviorist learning theory to a learning task, as well as compare and contrast it…and I will send you references please use this and add to this 7 references you must use article or journal . do not use books
•    Follow APA guidelines when developing in-text citations).Check your sources for accuracy and scholarship (e.g., anyone can put up a webpage). For the purposes of this paper, do not quote from secondary sources more than twice. Use at least eight journals or edited books. Internet sites such as Wikipedia are not appropriate to use.
•    Use direct quotes sparingly and only when it is unique or memorable. Paraphrase the authors whenever possible.
•    Your literature review must include research and applied literature that provides theoretical or research support to your thesis statement. This is not the place to state your own opinions. You need to back up what you are proposing to do, by discussing relevant research and application reports. Do not just rely on text books. You will need to look at ERIC and other bibliographic databases (WilsonSelect, ABInform). You can find these on at the WIU library website. In a thesis, you would have a separate chapter for the literature review. Be sure to review the entire article, not just an abstract of the article. This may require you to request an interlibrary loan from the WIU library. This can also be done online. If you have other university library resources near you, you are free to use them also. The literature review section begins with an introduction that explains the purpose of the literature review and concludes with a summary. The literature review should be carefully organized by subject headings, and the heading should mirror the research questions or project objectives. The literature review establishes a context for the future investigation. Various sources are used to identify important previous work. Significant findings and major conclusions from cited sources are evaluated and interpreted in terms of their impact on the present work. Each reference must have an APA citation and a full reference list at the end of the paper.
•    In the main body of your paper, you will compare the learning theories to the instructional design process using one of the models of instructional design (e.g., Dick and Carey model, ADDIE model). Be sure to properly give credit to ideas and theories.
•    The Introduction section of the paper provides an overall introduction to the topic, as well as containing the thesis statement. This section must provide the initial background and justification for the paper. You first build the case for the need; then provide a solution through your paper. This builds a rationale for why you are doing what you are going to do. It is appropriate to site some references to support your justification. You would expand on these references in your literature review section. Think of this section as your opening presentation for why this study or project is needed.
•    The conclusion section of the paper should restate the thesis and summarize the main points of your paper, following the same order as the introduction. Conclusions can be done in about one paragraph.
•    The paper should be double spaced table of contents, and references.  The paper should have a one inch margin on the top, bottom, and right; and a one-and-a-half inch margin on the left. (The larger left margin allows your paper to be bound if desired.) Your last name and the page number should appear in the upper right margin of each page. Note that these requirements are the department requirements for the exit option reports and are slightly different than what is stated in the APA manual.

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