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Requirements:<br />
Using the CYBF Business Plan Writer (BPW) ( and your business<br />
choice/idea in Assignment #1, complete the Sales & Marketing tab, and add a custom section<br />
titled “Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning”, and another custom section titled
Remember that if it is an existing business, it must have less than 50 employees (or what can be reasonably assumed to be about 50). Any changes to business choices without notifying Marco will be penalized 5<br />
Once you’ve logged on to your CYBF account, select Business Plan Writer:<br />
1. Click on ‘Add Custom Section’ on the LH pane – 45 marks for this section<br />
a. Create a section titled “Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning”, with three subsections<br />
titled “Segmentation”, “Targeting”, & “Positioning”<br />
b. You must use STP discussed in class and on pages 359-362<br />
i. Segmentation: breaking up the potential market into unique ‘groups’ that<br />
share a common problem or other common characteristics, needs/wants<br />
ii. Targeting: choosing specific groups and why<br />
iii. Positioning: how customers perceive your company/product and how you<br />
differentiate from all your competitors.<br />
iv. Using the Lean Canvas Business Model, Porter and Diamond-E would be<br />
particularly helpful to you here.<br />
2. Click on Sales & Marketing tab – 20 marks for this section<br />
a. You must complete the Marketing strategy section<br />
b. The other sections under that tab are optional<br />
c. You must use all four Ps as discussed in class<br />
i. You must be detailed when explaining each element of the marketing mix.<br />
ii. This section is worth 20 marks, so I expect 20 marks worth<br />
3. Click on ‘Add Custom Section’ on the LH pane – 30 marks for this section (see<br />
below):<br />
a. Create a section titled “Growth Strategy”, with one sub-sections titled “Growth<br />
Strategy”.<br />
i. If this business plans to grow, what strategy will it be using? What<br />
challenges will it face?<br />
ii. If the business does not plan to grow, how will it defend its position from<br />
other competitors? What challenges will it face?<br />
iii. This needs to be specific and detailed<br />
4. Overall Professionalism, Writing and Presentation – 5 marks<br />

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