CN2 – Harvard housing survey

Harvard Real Estates Services (HRES) executives gather to design the 2005 Graduate Student Housing Survey. Their intention is to update, improve and expand upon an earlier major survey administered in 2001. The context of the 2001 survey is explained in detail in the case, and the survey instrument itself is included. Many results from the 2001 survey are provided and their impact on the university’s housing decisions is documented. Please answer the two questions below in your case note, with answers indexed by the question number. Stick to the default formatting settings in Questrom tools as you type up the note.

Go through the survey questionnaire in Exhibit 1 as a respondent. a) What are the merits of this questionnaire?, b) What are apparent shortcomings?
Reflect on your own experience with housing as a student. Is there an important aspect of your experience that was not captured by the 2001 survey? a) Write a question (or a block of questions) that should be added to the survey to capture that aspect in a manner that might impact decision making. b) Please don’t forget to specify the format of the answer to your question (e.g., a five-point scale). c) Predict the average answer(s) to your question(s) and d) the impact on actual decision making it might have. Try to achieve professionalism in your wording.

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