General Description of Assignment:

After reading the short story, “Take this Internship and Shove It” in the Patterns text (pgs. 583-585), write a two-page essay in response to the following questions/statements:

How would you define a successful college internship?
Provide a brief background of the origination of Internships in the United States and how the practice of internships evolved during the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.
Define the various kinds of internships (i.e., paid, unpaid, cooperative learning, mentoring, job shadowing, practicums, etc.)
What are the advantages/disadvantages of college internships?
Do you believe most students take internships for granted? Explain

Be sure to include a clear thesis with supporting ideas to support your claim(s). Include a minimum of two (2) scholarly sources besides the text book. This assignment requires a visit to the Writing Center. Proof of your visit should be submitted with your final copy.

You will find the article “take this internship and shove it” in google to read it.

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