Course Reflection

***Review the objectives of the course and discuss how you met the objectives. Include specific assignments that assisted in your achieving these objectives.Advocate for evidence-based policy, procedures and practices within affiliate clinical environments.Recognize the impact of both art (personal narrative, story-telling) and science (theory, mathematics, economics) on evidence-based nursing care.Use evidence to evaluate health care decisions for patients while considering the context of diverse and multi-cultural environments.Develop a personal and professional commitment to providing evidence-based nursing care to promote safe, quality care.Utilize evidence, outcome data, and best practice guidelines from scholarly sources to reduce risk and improve patient safety.Communicate effectively through oral and written evaluation of evidence from both qualitative and quantitative nursing studies.Describe the effect of the media on communicating health research findings.Explore multiple data sources to retrieve, discern, and evaluate appropriate literature sources to inform clinical questions.Critically appraise health related literature for level of evidence, reliability to support clinical practice interventions.Examine value systems related to ethical and legal accountability within health-related research and evidence-based nursing care.***Attached are some examples of work I completed throughout the semester that can be used in paper to discuss***

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