course Reflection

The final assignment in this class is a writing assignment to share your experience in the class.  its a public speaking class
The list below outlines the specific requirements for the paper.  Please read through the list carefully to familiarize yourself with how your work will be evaluated.

The Course Reflection should contain the following:

A clear thesis (theme, central idea) in the introduction.
The two or three most important things you learned in class.
A summary that highlights the way this class might impact you in the future.
College level writing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, etc.).
Paper meets APA format (margins, spacing, but don’t worry about including a title page – you don’t even need to put your name on it but just save it as your name; just start with the writing).
The Introduction provides information on the student’s public speaking experience (prior to taking the class) and expectations of the class (what it would entail and what the student will get out of it).
Meets the minimum requirement for length (2 FULL pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font).

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