Criminal Justice in the United States

APA style

Explain how professionalism, ethics, and moral standards relate to the pursuit of a career in law enforcement. Discuss the importance of effective verbal and interpersonal communications in a policing environment.

Student expectations for Forum questions:

minimum of a 500 word substantive response.

Original responses to the Forum group question need to be substantial and significant supported by at least one additional scholarly reference that goes beyond the course textbook. Students should be using the APUS Online Library to search for peer-reviewed journal articles that help support their argument. The in-text citation and references will be formatted in APA Style. . NO LESS than 500 words

Course Book:

Ortmeier, P. J. (2006). Introduction to law enforcement and criminal justice (2nd

ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Some helpful references:

Site Name Web Site URL/Address
Constitution of the United States
Bill of Rights
Important Dates in Law Enforcement History
The Evolution of American Policing
What Are the Differences Between Federal, State & Local Law
What is the difference between local state and federal law enforcement
The Supreme Court of the United States – History
United States Federal Law

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