Criminal Sentencing

In the United States, there is no real standard when it comes to sentencing and punishment which is why the criminal courts are always under a lot of scrutiny. There are five main goals/ theories behind criminal sentencing: retribution (aka punishment), deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and restoration. In the United States, we believe punishment is necessary to maintain order and show fairness to those who do not violate the rules and laws we live by. “Punishment is used on many different levels, we use it from the basics to teach children right from wrong, and we use it as a means to deal with societies most despicable offenders.” Today there are many things the criminal justice system aims to do by imposing punishments and sentences.

Write a five page argumentative paper on the criminal court processes and the issues of criminal sentencing in the State of California. Be sure to include legal vocabulary and provide examples.

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