Cultural Competency Assessment Project


Using the information you learned from your assessments and from this course, describe five points or areas that would affect nursing care for a person of the culture of the person you interviewed. Include the areas and evaluate the type of accommodation or change in nursing care needed to give culturally competent care. Retake the cultural competency quiz and summarize if and how your cultural competency has changed. Evaluate how your learning can positively affect the nursing care of individuals from diverse cultures. Submit your response in a 4- to 6-page Word document.

Support your responses with examples.

Thoroughly described at
least 5 points on how the concepts learned may be used to influence nursing care in detail.

Thoroughly summarized
how the student’s cultural competency has changed in detail.

Thoroughly described
what has been learned that can be used to positively affect nursing detail.

Introduction catches the
reader’s attention, provides compelling and appropriate background information, and clearly states the topic.

Well organized document with an appropriate introduction.
Transitions are thoughtful and clearly show how
ideas relate.

Conclusion leaves the reader with a sense of closure and provides concluding insights.

Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout that helps establish a clear idea and aid the reader in following the writer’s logic.

APA format is used throughout when appropriate or called

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