Current Situation with Corona and its Long-term Effect

Corona Situation Globally, and the Impact this Pandemic has brought to society – brief background on corona (globally, and then in Germany)(how contagious it is, how it affects people)- before corona, explain how people went to work normally, restaurants, gyms, clubs (the lifestyle of people normally)- after corona how restrictions occurred (lifestyle amidst corona – change of lifestyle)- impact of corona on psychological mindset(people more afraid? do people see the benefits to restrictions?)- provide global statistics on how people went out to eat less, or restaurant closures etc.- provide examples of how corona is impacting “normal” life and back it up with data- how a change of mindset with government restrictions has impacted businesses (like brick & mortars)- will the psychological impact of corona remain forever, or is it temporary?- what are the long-term consequences based on data *PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER SO ALL SOURCES NEED TO BE SCIENTIFIC AND ORIGINAL. MY SCHOOL WILL PUT THIS THROUGH THEIR PLAGIARISM CHECKER*

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