Developing multimedia learning resource

This assignment will be assessed through a demonstration/presentation of your multimedia learning resource. It is the learner’s responsibility to ensure that their media storage device is working on the day of the presentation.

2. Demonstrate competence in the use of a limited number of simple multimedia and graphics / DTP packages.
4. Demonstrate competence in the use of a number of hardware resources and specialist equipment.  Module Assessment Specific Assessment Guidance
In addition you are required to consider the following guidance points which are there to help you structure an effective piece of work. Guidance on essay and report writing is available under ‘Academic Matters’ in your Student Handbook. In addition note the presentation standards specified in the Student Handbook concerning margins, font and layout.
 Aim of resource is clearly stated – identifying the learning area supported.
 Aims and objectives for the resource are clear, curriculum driven and age/stage appropriate.
 Resource is demonstrated in a clear and logical manner.
 Your resource is clearly demonstrated in an imaginative and creative way  identifying how the user can access the resource and how the objectives can be met. Cross curricula links will be evident as will access for this with SEN and EAL.
 Resource is evaluated – strengths and weaknesses identified -recommendations for future modifications are made
 A comprehensive range of strengths and weaknesses are investigated and there is evidence of forward thinking suggestions for improvements.
 The resource is perceived as effective in achieving its intended aim
 It is evident that the resource has the potential to achieve the desired learning outcomes and the demonstration clearly maps out how this is the case.
 References to reading (including child development and design development theory) are evident.
 A wide range of contemporary texts have been included and are used to support sustained lines of inquiry.

Please note that this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort.  College policy in case of plagiarism will apply.

Managing ICT in Education

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