(This is an online writing class requirement)
Before writing, I need you to pretend with me. Pretend that we are not an online class, but are a class that meets regularly at SCHOOL (as we do during the school year). In this scenario, remember that SCHOOL has a rule that states if you do not show up to the first day of class, you are automatically dropped from the course. Pretend, then, that you missed the first day of class…and I’m going to drop you.

Knowing that I’m going to drop you, I want you to write me a letter (email, etc.) to ask me to keep you in the class. The letter should do two things: 1) try to persuade me to let you stay in the class; 2) tell me a story about why you couldn’t make it on the first day. (Note: make sure the story is realistic…don’t say things like “my grandmother dies” or “there was a huge accident on the freeway” or “my house was on fire.” Tell me a believable story).

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