Discuss about internet-based research to collect initial information and data about the businesses to develop company profiles.

Career and Business Inquiry Rationale (50 points): Students will select two businesses to research. The businesses should be organizations which you have an interest or desire to work for. You will conduct internet-based research to collect initial information and data about the businesses to develop company profiles. In addition, you will identify roles/areas of focus (i.e., positions) within each company that may be of interest to you.
The written assignment for this first graded paper must include the following:

An overview of the two businesses you chose to focus on. The overview for each business must include:
a profile of each business respective products and services.
the business ownership structure for each organization (e.g. partnership, sole proprietorship, conventional corporation, S corporation, limited liability corporation, non-profit (501c3), etc.). Review pages 112 124 of the course text to learn more about Business ownership structures.
three interesting pieces of business related information and data you discovered during your internet-based research for each organization.
Discuss what interests you about the two organizations. Your discussion must include:
points of curiosity that led you to select each business for this Inquiry Rationale Paper.
a description of the role/areain other words career field or position(s)within each business that you desire to learn more about.
a statement explaining what makes you interested in fulfilling the role/area for each organization.
a discussion of how the degree or certificate you are pursuing through CPCC qualifies you toor will help you toachieve such a role/area within the two businesses.
a discussion of additional information you would want to know to help decide whether the role(s)/area(s) is a good or viable career option for you?
Paper Structure and Submission Requirements

1 Cover Page that contains the following:
The title of the assignment: SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT: Career and Business Inquiry Rationale
Your first and last name
The name of this course: BUS 110 Introduction to Business
1 2 pages for the body of the paper. Work must be double spaced and use Arial size 12 font. Paragraphs serve a purpose, so use multiple and meaningful paragraphs. Do not submit your work as one or two massively large paragraphs.
1 References page with all sources cited using APA format. Students must use 3 sources at a minimum. Wikipedia and wiki-based sources are not permissible. Any student who uses Wikipedia or a wiki-based source will receive a failing grade for this assignment.

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