Discussion: Similarities and Differences


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Examine and apply the idea of universal human fears and needs
Demonstrate understanding of the social construction and implications of identities, cultural dimensions, cultural characteristics, and cultural expressions
Apply your understanding of multicultural ideas to real-world situations
Improve writing and articulation skills


Schwalbe: Preface, Ch 5-6
Starting this week, consult the Pew Research Center website. Click on Social Trends, then on Topics. A list of topics appears on the left. Also look at the other headings – Religion, Global, Media, etc., and see the list of topics under those headings. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/


Discussion: Similarities and Differences
*Paper: Interview

please read  ch5-6

Wk 3 Discussion: Similarities and Differences

Argue your position on whether understanding others is better done from a position of how we are alike or how we are different (consider values, fears and needs, cultural expressions, primary and secondary characteristics). Discuss: Which is better from an organizational point of view in terms of ability to accomplish goals? Why?

please before you start write chat  me and let me know what you going to write about

please read  ch5-6

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