Does the proportionality of a nation state’s electoral system affect the ways in which ethnic populations interact with each other? If so, how and why so?

To whom this may concern:

This assignment is for a Research Design course I am taking. It has been divided into two parts:

1 – One Page Research Proposal
1.1 – Research Question

I am interested in examining the effects of the proportionality of a nation state’s electoral state’s electoral system (i.e. Proportional Representative electoral system –> Mixed System –> Majoritarian) as an Independent variable, and its effect on levels of cooperation and accomodation between ethnic groups within society. However, I haven’t been able to come up with a research question that relates to point 1.2

1.2 – Importance of research question
This portion of the proposal is supposed to answer the following: 1) What is the motivation for your research? 2) What is the broader subject/topic area directly related to your research question? 3) How does your research question relate to the scholarship in the relevant subject/topic area? and 4) How does your research question engage the current policy/political debates in the relevant subject/topic area?

2 – 1000 Word Literature Review

30 Academic Sources; In-Text Citation: i.e. (Gowa and Kim 2006)

MUST be ANALYTICAL, not descriptive.

Major lines of substantive debate – we want to tease out the areas of agreement and disagreement. What are the major methodological approaches employed in the existing literature?

Demonstrate command of literature – Where are the gaps and deficiencies in the existing scholarship? What are the problems (substantive and methodological) that contribute to disagreement and lack of conclusiveness?

Keep in mind: what will be your contribution to this body of research that follows from your literature review?

I have attached a resource list in which I have found 18 sources that might be useful. Please feel free to use all or none of these sources.
Title                                                                    Author
Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital    Robert Putnam
Ethnic Groups in Conflict                                    DL Horowitz
Setting the rules of the game: the choice of electoral systems in advanced democracies                                                    C Boix
Ethnic Mobilization and Ethnic Violence                    James Fearon
Why ethnic parties succeed: Patronage and Ethnic Head Counts in India
Chandra Kanchan
Ethnic Parties and Democratic Stability                    Chandra Kanchan
The State, Ethnic Relations and Democratic Stability: Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel
Oren Yiftachel
Conflict and Harmony in Multi-Ethnic Societies: An International Perspective
Morris-Hale, Walter
Cleavage Structures, Party Systetms, and Voter Alignments: An Introduction
Lipset and Rokkan
Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook
Reynolds, Reilly, and Ellis
Citizens, Elections, Parties: Approaches to the Comparative Study of the Processes of Development                                                    Rokkan
Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy    Acemoglu and Robinson
Electoral Institutions, parties, and the politics of class
Iverson and Soskice
Electoral institutions, cleavage structures, and the number of parties
Neto and Cox
Some Social Requisites of Democracy                    Lipset
Parties and party systems: A framework for analysis
Social networks and voting: the resurrection of a research agenda
Patterns of Democracy                                  Lijphart

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