Electronic Text Rhetorical Analysis

-Video Game Text Rhetorical Analysis
your goal will be to conduct a rhetorical analysis of a video game of your choice. We have played several games during the class so far and you are free to choose from any of those or you can pick one that feel more familiar with. Below are the steps you will want to follow for this project:

*Select a Game
Try to pick one that is shorter, available for free online, etc.

*Rhetorical Analysis.
f we are considering games as texts then we must also accept that games present us with arguments; purposefully or not. You should ask yourself: what is the message this game is trying to convey? What signals is this game sending out? What is the argument here? What is the rhetorical situation in place (relationship between author, text and audience)? You will want to create a rhetorical analysis of this game. This should be in essay form and it should be about 3 pages long. Your analysis should explore the argument that you think this game is trying to convey and how this game uses rhetoric to convey it.

Just as you would never write a literary analysis without quoting the original work, a good video game analysis is not complete without video of the game you are discussing. You should include links to YouTube videos of the game you are talking about in the body of your essay. These links should correspond to the discussion you are having at that point in the essay.

You will want to use some sources in this essay. You can find this online at many of the websites I have previously suggested. Tom Bissell might also become a very valuable source author for this project so feel free to draw upon his work. You should have in text citations and a works cited MLA page at the end.


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