Essay, Literature Russian Literature final essay – choose one of 4 topics

Project description
Spring 2015 GHUM 200 Take Essay Question (40 points.)

Choose ONE question and write at least 750 words.

1. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Pkhentz, all depict character(s) trapped in the Soviet system, but the works also suggests ways to counter that system. How are the characters trapped and what methods do they use to resist the system?

2. The Russian Revolution was supposed to have brought forth a New Soviet Man, a new ideal person who was selfless, tireless, hard-working, patriotic, and politically gung-ho. Discuss the idea of the New Soviet Man in We and Heart of a Dog. How do the authors comment on the New Soviet Man? Is the New Soviet Man a reality or illusion for them? Use specific examples to show their depiction of the New Soviet Man.

3.Compare the concept of freedom in The Grand Inquisitor: and One Day and Pkhentz. How do they differ from one another? How do they relate to the physical and/or spiritual planes?

4. Discuss the portrayal of humanity in We, Heart of a Dog, and One Day. What does it mean to be human? Refer to specific characters in each of the works to support your argument.


-The usual. Use 12-point serif font, double spaced, with header featuring your last name and page number.
-Title page indicating which essay/topic you are answering, your name, the date, and the honor pledge with your signature.
-This is an academic essay, please adhere to the Format and Content sections of the Writing Checklist.


Only use the primary texts and your class notes. No other sources are permitted.

You will be graded on the following elements:

Synthesis of Ideas: Im looking for a logical flow of ideas that demonstrate insight and understanding of the ideas and themes in the texts. Please dont throw out a hodgepodge of ideas and hope some of the stick. Every part of the essay should offer a contribution to the topic you are addressing.

Clarity: Write concisely and make sure your ideas flow logically.

Organization: Organize your thoughts logically. Adhere to paragraph unity, make sure each paragraph focuses on a single idea

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