Ezekiel 33:1-11

Research Paper. Each student will submit a 10 page, double spaced, paper researching a Biblical passage.  A suggested list is given below.  If you would like to work on another passage you must get it approved by your instructor.  This paper will consist of two parts.

Part I will contain a general introduction and background to the paper. Based on information gleaned from reputable commentaries, give the characteristics and background of the biblical book from which the text is taken. Discuss things such as literary type, author, the book’s audience, date, purpose, major themes, and so on. The object of the introduction is to give an overall background of the biblical book so that the specific text about which the student writes will be more easily explained. Part I should be approximately 3 pages.

Part Two should be an interpretation and summary of the biblical text. Explain the meaning of the text and its relationship to the rest of the book. After explaining the text, summarize the value of the text and its contemporary significance. Part Two should be approximately 7 pages.

This paper will be due at the beginning of Class Seven.  This paper must be submitted in printed form.  No papers will be accepted by e-mail.

References to Biblical verses should be cited by chapter and verse and all secondary sources should be cited properly using the appropriate school formats.  A minimum of 5 sources must be cited.  You may use only 2 references from the internet and 1 reference from a Study Bible.  You must write in a formal style using APA writing as the style for formatting and citations.

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