Five topics included in additional material

5 topics to address in this assignment;Five topics:What is the Study of Psychology?State of ConsciousnessSensation and perceptionNature vs. nurtureBio psychology Find one specific concept in each topic that is of interest to you or speaks to a new fact you learned. List the specific concept. Find a photo or graphiconline that you believe represents this specific concept. Insert this in the document. You must insert the actual graphic and not a link. Cite the source. Write one paragraph (5-8 sentences only) that explains the facts you are representing in the photo. This explanation must cite the course resources at least one time and be specific. Your responses should be this specific. Show what you know!TIPSAvoid direct quotes. These will receive no credit.Make sure when paraphrasing that responses do not closely mirror the text.Remember to cite correctly (Ciccarelli & White, 2016, p. X).Remember to include a Reference section.

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