Heidi – Week 4 – Discussion Question #2     Heidi Kinkead Email this Author     9/25/2014 8:02:04 PM

Make sure you ask something that will move the discussion along

Impasse is something that happens all the time. This is when an individual is not ready to move forward through conflict and resolution (Mayer, 2000). A good example of this that happened in my life would be when a girl I thought was my friend accused me of something I never did four years ago. A month ago when school started I saw her daughter there that I haven’t seen since she was four years old. I decided to send her mother a message. I guess she has not reached an impasse because she apparently is not ready to forgive me for something I was accused of that I never did. It is a confusing situation but it did happen and I guess she will never be able to move forward passed this which stinks because we did have a good friendship. Sometimes people just need to grow up and I really thought after four years she would have thought over it and realized it was silly to mess up a good friendship over something that never did happen.

I tried to develop techniques to reach impasse but of course they just never worked. I tried many different things with her but all she did was ignore me. Her husband was caught in the middle of it all and he has no choice but to stick with his wife and I am cool with that. This is something she will never move forward from so I just have to accept it. I don’t quite understand a false impasse but if this means you thought the individual was reaching an impasse but really was not, then yes I have experienced this with the situation I talked about.

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