Honesty and Communication:

Journal #1: Honesty and Communication: In terms of format, type your name & title your entry (e.g. Journal #1, Honesty and Communication). Write in paragraphs—with an introduction, development, and a conclusion. Please report on your current communication as you aim to be honest, completely–can you be?–when interacting with others. Explore Ethos (credibility & character). Your write-up should be about 400 – 600 words; some students extend their journals to include more observations, reflections, and discoveries. No need to share everything, especially information that is too personal or confidential. But, please be honest; summarize important details & make your report clear, concise, and logical. It is essential that you connect your honesty experiments to the language, skills, and concepts from our SPC 1017 text and course. For example: What did you try to find out about honesty when doing this experiment? What were your results? How were your sending & receiving of your messages affected by noise, context, culture & feedback? What did you expect to happen? What surprised you? What would you do differently if you did this experiment again, and why? What did you learn about speech communication (and yourself) that you didn’t know before? Finally, remember to link your experiment to vocabulary in Chaps 1 & 2 in our text, using the skills and concepts which apply. Highlight vocabulary that you use from our text & proofread this writing for Gordon Rule College Level Writing Proficiency; your writing skills must communicate clearly your thoughts in order for you to receive credit for this course.

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