if all cars in the u.s. were banned tomorrow

Imagine what would happen if, starting tomorrow, all cars were banned in the United States.
Write a paper exploring this issue. Here are some of the questions you may answer:

How would the elimination of the automobile affect social, cultural, and economic arrangements in American society?
What adjustments would Americans have to make to effectively function in an “automobile-free” society?
If forced, could Americans make such adjustments?
What would you personally have to give up and/or change about your lifestyle to live in an “automobile-free” society?
If you had to, could you make such adjustments?
Finally, in which ways, if any, do think that American society and/or you would be better off without the automobile?
In which ways, would society and/or you be worse off?
Paper format:

4 to 6 pages of narrative.
You must include at least 4 references and 4 citations.
Use APA to format your references, citations, and layout of your paper.
You can include charts, figures, etc.
Cover page with title, course, your name.
1″ margins.
Be sure to check your spelling and grammar.

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