international Transport Systems

The essay topic is shown below:

Assume Australia is importing home appliances from Korea and Korea is importing iron ore from Australia.

a. Compare and contrast the transport process of home appliances from Korea to Australia and the transport process of iron ore from Australia to Korea (15 marks)

b. Discuss the factors affecting the cost and efficiency of the two transport processes.  (20 marks)

This a a structured essay with two parts as shown below. At least twelve references need to be provided in this assignment. For referencing, pls follow harvard referencing (snook and co style). The essay should have an abstract, introduction and conclusion. Word count is 2200 (10% allowance) excluding references but including abstract, introduction and conclusion). In text citations are included in the word count.

Please refer to the main textbook to do the essay:
Rodrigue, J. P., Comtois, C. & Slack, B. 2013, The Geography of Transport Systems, 3rd edn,Routledge, London. ISBN: 9780415822541

Other recommended readings:
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Department of Maritime and Logistics Management – JNB158 International Transport Systems 9

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