Master in Clinical Leadership

I am a nurse who works in Emergency Department.Currently studying Master of Clinical Leadership in Singapore which accredited by Australia University.I at the final stage of the study which require to write and perform a full fledged research paper in my clinical area. This research paper was divided into 3 stages which is 3 semesters which require to work and perform research on the clinical area.This are continuous coursework which need me to write a research thesis at the last semester. I hope u can assist me to form a simple research topic which allow me to score academically and perform a clinical research at the clinical area.Moreover I hope you could help me to write for 3 semester papers.I have attached the following
1.power point presentation named (Master class 2014) which explained the totally requirement from my University.
2.the current file for this current assignment-Marking criteria (2014 Tri 2A HPP591 Assessment 1)(Critical analysis of the literature including a concept map – 2000 words.To present a critical  analysis  of  the  literature  relevant  to  a  selected  topic following a systematic search.
To present a concept map that organizes and connects the evidence and ideas derived from the literature search. The concept map need s to be presented on a sheet of A4 paper.
3.The unit outline and requirement (project proposal development and HPP 591 unit outline,short literature review)

Can you get back to me a rough idea what you propose for my research question so I can ask for ethic committee approval.

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