myers brigss type indicator

Part III: Based on the MBTI insights, write a six (6) page (maximum including Title, Abstract, and References) paper that includes:
a.  An overview of your type (One paragraph maximum)
b.  An overview of how the MTBI assists in better understanding yourself and virtual team members (Two paragraphs maximum)
c.  A comparison of the other types in your virtual team and determine how having this variety impacts the team (Two paragraphs maximum)
d.  An analysis of your type an how it benefits the virtual team? (Two Paragraphs Maximum)
e.  An analysis and reflection of the aspects of your type that does not work well for you in your virtual team and what steps can you take to make improvements? (Three Paragraphs Maximum)
f.  How you might improve your working relationships with your teammates, changes you may want to make in your team, and what changes you could make in your own interactions and behaviors to increase the effectiveness of your team (Four paragraphs maximum)
g.  A conclusion of the benefits of taking the Myers Briggs and how you might consider using it in your practice as a future as a supervisor or manager (Two Paragraphs Maximum)

my type is ISFP

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