Paradigms and their effect upon one’s professional soical work identity and practice

Narrative essay describing a central paradigm that has guided your perspectives and practice about social work. Report candidly about their growth and development(including disappointments, limitations, continuing challenges, etc.) regarding any “paradigm shifts” that may or may not have occurred during their lives.

About me: I grew up in a muslim house hold. I did not agree with my parents cultural teachings, and beliefs and left home to go to school and become self efficient and independent. I grew up in an abusive household (emotional, and physical) and wanted to focus on assisting teens and children with behavioral and mental health issues. However, I wanted to also work with a variety of clienteles and worked with domestic violence survivors, and individuals suffering from mental health disorders as well as struggling with substance abuse. While working, one of my clients committed suicide, and that is when I changed my views on mental health and substance abuse and began to approach it much more cautiously.

Please include that personal blurb about me in a much more elaborate way of course, into the reflective essay.

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