Policy, law and the ethics of sustainability

The purpose of the short paper is to encourage students to apply concepts learned in class to the world outside the classroom, and to begin to recognize the impact environmental law and policy have on the business world today. This helps students for foresee possible environmental concerns and plan proactively to avoid possible penalties that may result therefrom.

You are required to select and write on one of the following topics:
How do our consumer choices impact the environment?
Dumping wastes in third-world countries
An overview of environmental regulation in a specific country. You can pick any country of your choice.
Level of cooperation among countries with environmental issues (e.g., among European countries)
Disposal/recycling of electronics
Impact of global warming on the poorest nations
Subject to my approval, you may choose your preferred topic.
With respect to the topic selected, you will write a five- to six-page analysis in which you identify and explain relevant environmental legal concepts that we have covered in class. Students are allowed to compare and discuss the paper with peers, but final thoughts and presentations MUST be individual work.
Format: typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins.
You will include case references or articles that you may have used in writing about the topic. You must also identify the source of your article and its date of publication or provide a link if the article is obtained from an online source.
Please remember I will not accept late submissions. It must be submitted on time and in the D2L dropbox (in Microsoft Word) by the date given in the course calendar.
Short Paper Grading Criteria
Clarity of discussion: Your paper should be well organized, including a conclusion. It should also be well written, reflecting proper word usage, as well as good spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
Quality of discussion/breadth of knowledge: The connections you make to class material should be appropriate and genuinely raised in your paper; your legal explanations must be correct and complete. The conclusion is your own opinion.
Note: Please use the IRAC format in all essay assignments and the short paper. That is to say, (a) identify the legal issue involved in the fact pattern, if any, then state the (b) rule/principle involved, then (c) analyze the issue(s) giving examples if necessary (state the premises), and finally (d) draw the conclusion/answer/opinion.
Short Paper Grading

A.    Proper legal issue(s) raised        = 20 points
B.    Proper principle/rule of law        = 30 points
C.    Proper analysis/discussion        = 130 points
D.    Conclusion        = 20 points
TOTAL        200 points

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