Paper length does not include the title page or references, with 10 references from peer reviewed articles or books (and no more than 5 newspaper/magazine articles or websites). Please do not write an abstract.

Part 1: Choose a famous person, alive or dead, and give a brief summary of why/what they are famous for (1 brief paragraph), and a description of the person’s background including: family history, traumatic events/life changing events, psycho-social problem(s)/diagnosis, history of legal/criminal problems (if any), history of substance use/abuse/dependence (if any). You may use no more than 5 newspaper or magazine articles, or websites for this part of your paper. 

Part 2. Use concepts from one or more of the theoretical orientations to describe the individual’s personality development. In addition, describe best-practice/evidence-based treatment options for the psycho-social problem you described in part 1 (if there are/were multiple problems described, pick the most problematic one to treat). (To the writer, I will be uploading the textbook we are using and which chapters we are reviewing in class that can be used for this assignment, I appreciate you being creative for the diagnosis of the celebrity!)

Also, the treatment you recommend (in Part 2) must be related to the personality theory you used to explain this individual’s personality development. 

Note: Although your reactions/opinions may be included here, for the most part this paper should be based on your literature review and formally written (APA style).

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