you must conduct a literature search in your area of interest and obtain at least three (3) sources on the topic

1. What is the author’s research question?
2. What research method is the author using to answer this question (case study, experiment, correlational study, etc.)?
3. Based upon your knowledge of research methods, do you think this method is the best way to approach this research question? Explain your answer.
4. What steps has the author taken to control bias?
5. Based upon your reading of this work, what do you conclude? Hint: Think about validity, reliability, and bias and take a critical look at what you’ve read.

The last step in the assignment will be to take all of your summaries and place them into the format of an APA-style annotated bibliography according to the example provided in this handout on the following page
must use NCLive through the CVCC library to search…..each source must answer the 5 questions…3 source 3 paragraph.

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