Reconstructiong Teacher Education to Prepare Qualified Preschool Teachers

Preparation of Proposal for the Professional Project


Prepare and submit your plan for the practicum project. Submit a 3-5 page proposal not later than the end of the first four weeks of the semester for your professional projecct. Your plan will be reviewed by the instructor and feedback will provided to assure your successful completion of the professional project. Use the framework included in this folder to prepare your plan for your professional project.

I. Title of the project

II. Statement of the purpose of the project (about a 3-5 sentence description)

III. Objectives and goals or anticipated outcomes of the project

IV. Description of proposed project, product, investigation or experiences (about 4-5 sentences)

V. Participants in your project (positions or persons who will be involved such as teachers, principals, community members, students, expert reviewers, peer reviewers, CE experts, etc. Describe how each kind of participant will be involved in your project.

VI. Description of the series of steps to be undertaken to implement the project. List the kinds of activities that you will undertake to complete your project from start to finish. Including a timeline will be very helpful to guiding you through the completion of your project.


(Steps in Preparing your project)

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