Science environment

Watch the following video from the California Academy of Sciences, which deals with ecosystem services and threats to biodiversity:

Ecosystem Services


This forum discussion assignment will have two parts:

#1 During the first week, submit a discussion post in this forum (between 600-800 words) that includes consideration of the following criteria.

a. What are some of the difficulties with assigning economic values to ecosystem services?

b. What kinds of values does biodiversity have?

c. In the New York scenario, which involved city officials determining cost-effective ways to deal with water pollution that was affecting biodiversity and water quality for the big city, they decided to create a restored wetland to provide a specific ecosystem service. What was that service? Why was this ‘cost-effective’? What could have been a possible alternative that would involve forcing some of the polluters to internalize some of the external costs of their polluting activities?

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