Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?

In this two-part essay, you will research the causes of a problem and then propose a solution that will address the major cause or causes and solve the problem. You will turn in Part 1 on its own, and then you will turn in the entire essay in Part 2.  This portion of essay 2, you will describe a problem and speculate about its probable causes. This portion will be 3 pages in length.

First, you must convince your reader that what you have identified as a problem does, in fact, need to be solved. Remember that any problem can simply be left alone, so you need to show readers that this is a problem that matters. Next, identify whether you will be treating this problem as a phenomenon or a trend (both indicate patterns rather than single occurrences, but trends show increase or decrease over time). This changes the type of causes you will find.

While you must describe the problem in enough detail to establish its existence, do not let a description dominate your paper. Then, you must speculate about the causes of this problem. Make sure you have plausible causes for your problem and that you provide enough clear support for your causes. Although you will consider multiple causes that contribute to this phenomenon, you may find that identifying a dominant cause strengthens your essay. Remember, plausible causes are plausible because you can cite evidence to prove they are so. Finally, be sure to respond to alternative causes and objections that readers may have to the causes that you are proposing.

Basic Features
o A Well-Presented Subject
o Plausible Causes and Support
o An Effective Counterargument (Responding to Reader Objections/Alternative Causes)
o A Readable Plan

In this two-part essay, you will research the causes of a problem and then propose a solution that will address the major cause or causes and solve the problem. For this submission, you will add a second section to Essay 2 Part 1 to create a 6-7 page essay including the 3 pages from Essay 2 Part 1.

In this portion, you will continue working on the problem identified in Essay 2 Part 1 by proposing a solution. Identify your solution and demonstrate that it will, in fact, solve the problem. Furthermore, you must anticipate at least one other solution and explain why your solution is better. You are not writing a summary of multiple possible solutions; this is an argumentative essay in which you propose one solution.
When you are starting your thinking about possible solutions, be sure not to limit your thinking. You may find it helpful to initially hold off identifying the solution that you will propose. Rather, spend time listing every possible solution and making a chart of pros and cons for each one. Have they been tried? Are they practical? Do they have any significant side effects? From this listing, you will be able to identify the solution that is better than the others and convincingly defend your solution, which may not be perfect but should be (arguably) the best available solution. Remember that one possible solution is to do nothing about the problem, so you will need to explain why it is harmful to do nothing about your problem. Be sure to pick a problem that can be solved.

Basic Features
o A Well-Defined Problem
o A Well-Argued Solution
o An Effective Counterargument
o A Readable Plan

Basic Requirements
o APA or MLA format (12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1″ margins, double
o 6-7 page essay, remember that this refers to full pages not partial pages, for
APA format, the cover page is not counted toward meeting the page

o At least six sources total (including Essay 2 Part 1 sources), cited in MLA or APA format.
o Include a full Works Cited (not part of the page count) with both the draft and the final paper.
o Alternate Sourcing (if you choose to base your paper in field research if it is a better fit): interviews with knowledgeable people intimately connected to the problem, print sources related to the problem (a brochure, website, or other available literature)

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