ause and Effect essay based on: Teenage suicide & depression issues in the united states

In this assignment, you will build upon what you know about cause-and-effect essays, and use the techniques you have discovered to strengthen your own attempt in this genre.

Write a rough draft of your cause-and-effect essay that makes a convincing argument for the cause of a particular event. Consider the ideas presented on page 334 of the textbook.
Use the guidelines shown in Chapter 10 to develop your ideas and shape your essay.

The cause-and-effect essay is a research paper, not a personal essay. Include your thoughts and ideas in the essay, but by writing only in the objective, academic third person. Do not use first person (I, me, my, us, we) or second person (any form of “you”).

You should include 2-3 outside resources in your assignment, to support the main points you make about the topic you are writing about.

The submission should include:

An APA formatted title page
APA citations (both within the paper and on the references page)
Three to four pages of written work (not counting the title or references pages)
An APA formatted references page

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