Strategic Communication

Week Six
Half of a page for each of the following prompts

6. Visit“featuring the latest digital ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing ideas, virals, industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital trends from all over the world.” Choose one post to discuss. Provide the link, a brief explanation of the trend, and the insight you learned regarding its impact.

7. Visit http://www.prweekus.comand click blogs. Read several entries and mentally evaluate based on what you learned from pages 109-111. Which are the most effective? Which were the least effective? Why? Were you or are you now a fan of blogs?

8. Listen to several different radio stations formats(examples: country, adult contemporary, news, talk, sports, business, oldies,religion, Spanish, alternative rock, classic rock, hip hop, ethnic, classical,jazz, etc.) long enough to hear a few spots on each. Use this link to identify station formats: connections can you make between target markets of the products/services advertised and the formats utilized?

9. Watch a few TV commercials and jot down answers to the following questions:

What was the single central message or idea?
What was the value of the opening shot with respect to that idea?
Did you become involved with the commercial? If so, at what point did it happen?
To what extent did the pictures, as opposed to the words, tell the story?
Were the words redundant, or did they add something? What did they add?
Were interesting, exciting, complicated, beautiful visuals on screen long enough for complete understanding or appreciation? Were dull, static visuals on too long? How would you make them better?
Was the story an irrelevant attention getter, or was the product an integral part of the story?
Did you enjoy the story? Did you believe it or find some other value in it? Or was it unrelated to the product and just there to make you watch?
Afterward, could you say why you should care about the product or service in a sentence? If so, what is that sentence?

Share responses to one or two commercials.

10. Visit search public service announcements. Watch several clips and choose one toe valuate. Provide a brief description and share the link. Does the PSA promote a social cause or behavior change? What is the strategic message? Who do you believe is the target audience? Do you believe the purpose is fulfilled?

11. Visit down for youtube links to several of the MMA GlobalMobile Marketing Award winners. Watch and discuss their impact. Are you receptivet o these type messages?

12. Visit http://www.salesandmarketing.comand scan the article starts found on the left of the homepage. Choose one that interests you and click to read the entire article. Share a little about the topic covered and what specifically that stood out to you and why.

13. What sales letters and e-blasts have you received during the past month? Why do you think you received them? Are you more receptive to messages when you’ve intentionally “opted in” to receive them? Are you more receptive to USPS-mailed or emailed messages?

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