Team Presentation on Building Effective Teams and Teamwork – Chapter 9

TOPICTeam Presentation on Building Effective Teams and Teamwork – Chapter 9

Please refer to my courseware below. There are other documents in the attachment and you have to read it carefully:

This is a group assignment

You need to make a 2 to 4 page presentation powerpoint and write the corresponding speech script, about 600 words or more. The speech draft can be read according to it, and the speech draft is divided into two parts, free to play

I was assigned to do the problem and solution part. !!!!!!

I got an idea for the problem that can help u out,
an easy problem could be that a group of people within the work environment are given a group assignment to complete and one person within the group doesnt contribute to the assignment

and then u can figure out a solution to that problem

The following are the teachers requirements for group work:

1. Each group will make an in-class PowerPoint presentation (20% of your final grade) of 25-30 minutes on a real or fictitious organizational problem as it relates to the assigned chapter. (The problem must be related to the chapter to which your group is assigned). Basically, you will be responsible for presenting the material covered in one chapter and relating it to specific organizational problem. Each group will assume the role of a consulting firm called in to solve a specific problem in an organization. The group will use the information gained from recent business periodicals, to formulate their organizational problem. Thus, the group is responsible for both the creation and resolution of a typical problem in contemporary organizations. The presentation MUST present and discuss the chapter and successfully apply its content to the identified problem.

The group needs to submit the presentation the day BEFORE the scheduled presentation. It should be uploaded in the appropriate place on BB. Also, each member of the group must complete the Group Project Participation Form and upload to BB within one week of their presentation.

The instructor must approve all projects before being started.

The presentation will be followed by 10 minutes of questions from the class playing the role of an Executive Management Committee representing the Problem Company. The group must distribute to classmates a one page (it may be double-sided) take-away sheet outlining the important points covered in the presentation.
Along with the instructor, the presentation will also be graded by your classmates using the Presentation Evaluation Form that will be distributed in class and can also be found on Black Board. Please note the members of your group will also evaluate your performance. If rated poorly by the group, the individuals participation grade will be negatively affected.

Discussant Leaders. (Written Skills Assignment Team will serve as the DL) The group will be assigned to serve in the role as the Executive Committee for another group. In this role, the group is responsible to ask questions and lead the discussion following the presentation.

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