The choice of Boolean terminology can markedly affect your search returns. Select a topic related patient satisfaction in a neurosurgical unit, and select two scholarly databases to find information on the topic. Describe the search – what key words did you use? How many articles did your initial search yield? How did you narrow or expand the search? How many articles did you find once you narrowed or expanded the search? Summarize the results from the search.

only answer smaple QS
Q1) Explain the Application of Service Operations Management with respect to:

a) Academic 

b) Hospital

c) Banking

Hint: You have to discuss the Transformation process namely Inputs, Processing and Outputs so as to give a competitive edge.

Q2) How can Marketing, Finance and IT Support Functions aid in providing with respect to Service of your choice?

Q3) What is the Difference between Production and Service Function?

Q4) Develop Service Process Matrix for UAE Market with at least 2 Examples along with Challenges?

Chapter 02

Q1) Develop Strategic Service Vision for at least 2 Industries of your choice:

a) Academic 

b) Hospital

c) Banking

d) Hotel

Hint: You need to address Target Market, Service Concept, Operating Strategy and Service Delivery System

Q2) Explain what sort of Capacity Strategies you can follow in a College?

Hint: You have to address different ways of utilizing space in a College

Q3) Do you recommend Large Book Store or Small Book Store?

Q4) Explain the Concept of Franchising for a particular Service along with Advantages and Challenges?

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