The insanity of the narrator – Edgar Allan Poe’s Tale Tail Heart

paper needs to have an annotated bibliography, expand on a previously written essay, needs a rough draft. The sources MUST be from the college’s elibary and earticles. I have log in credentials to access this information.
Research paper – Goal – Your goal for this assignment is to expand and strengthen one of your prior essays by incorporating from 3-5 secondary sources into that previously written essay. Information from these secondary sources should be added into your previous essay where ever it can most effectively strengthen your argument. (in other words, don’t just tack it on at the end of your essay)
Although you must stick to the argument in your original essay and cannot write a completely new essay, you can revise your original in order to make your argument stronger by providing more persuasive examples from the original text, etc. You will of course need to revise your previous essay in order to incorporate information from these outside sources. Be sure you effectively anchor your direct quotes by introducing them before quoting and the discussing them after quoting. And, of course, be sure to effectively use parenthetical citations after using a direct quote. Requirements – your research paper should be 5-7 pages long. you should also include a works cited page and a rough draft. your rough draft for this essay will be the graded copy of the original 3-5 page essay that you are now expanding. For the works cited page be sure to only include the sources which you actually used within your research paper. Also, don’t forget to include your primary source (the citation for the story or play you are analyzing). You are also required to submit your research paper through Canvas. since we are using Turn it in, yo do not have to submit copies of sources used in your paper but be prepared to provide them if I ask for them.
Resources must come from the college e books and e articles for the research paper. I have on line power point slides that explain how to access this information. I have attached the scan files 18, 19 and 20 that give information about the paper that needs to be written.

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