The Organizing Process

In a four- to- five- page paper (excluding the title and references page), address organizational processes and change.

Write a paper using the five steps in the organizational process found on page 200 in the text. (Plunkett, W. R., Allen, G. S., & Attner, R.F (2013). Management: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations (10th ed.). Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning).

In your paper, you must:

Consider the concept of authority in organizational management and evaluate how authority influences and fosters change in an organization.
Include an explanation of why people resist change and what managers can do to overcome the resistance.
Provide at least one example of an organization that went through a significant change. Assess how that change impacted the organizational culture (if at all).

Your paper should be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Week Three Assignment Announcement

First thing I want to emphasize is all papers will automatically run through turnitin software.

I want original writing. Let me clarify. I want you to paraphrase the author’s ideas, not copy and paste them. I want you to tell me a story based on the properly cited and referenced author’s ideas. I am very strict on this point. I do not want quoted work in the paper.

Discuss ideas in your own words. Entirely in your own words. I fail papers that rely on excessive quoting.

Write the paper in third person. In other words, do not use words like I, we our, mine, theirs or any other possessive pronouns.

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