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Students are required to submit a research report that is at least eight double-spaced pages. The format should be in a report style with headings.

Each student is required to conduct an in-depth managerial analysis of a selected organization (ideally, an organization which the student has some interest in joining as an employee). Students are required to select a company to research by week 8 and submit the final report by week 12. The aim of the research paper is for the student to apply theories and concepts learned in the course to a real life situation.

Research Topic:

Using literature review (e.g. biographies of founders, press releases, annual reports, magazine and newspaper articles), employee interviews, review of “promotional” materials  (including web sites, brochures, catalogs, advertisements etc.), each student is required to produce a report which  covers, but  is not limited to the following areas:

•        Identification of the organization’s mission statement
•        Description of how the firm is organized (sole proprietorship, corporation, etc.)
•        Description of  its culture including the ways in which the culture is manifested (visible signs)  and  sustained

•      Description of  the formal  organizational structure and any significant changes which have occurred in the past 20 years to that structure
•        Description of its customers and competitors and its place in its industry
•        Description of  its business strategy, matching it with the types of strategies discussed in the text

•        Evaluation of  any innovative managerial practices
•        Profile of Top leadership (include names, summary of backgrounds, reputation in the industry, leadership style etc.)
Use APA style for the report and to site your sources (author, year); and include a complete bibliography as the last page (that does not count towards the 8-10 pages required for the report).

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