Themes in “Daisy Miller” by Henry James

Instructions for essay to receive full credit:
Include a clear topic statement and ensure that that topic statement shapes the analysis presented by the rest of the essay; Develop your argument based on textual evidence from the reading youre focusing on, and ensure that your points are supported by textual evidence; Make focused claims based on specific textual materials which are nevertheless consistent with the entirety of the work that youre focusing on.

This short essay is supposed to present your thoughts about specific passages or themes in Daisy Miller by Henry James. The essay should not provide broad overviews of or impressions about the reading (for example, discussing why you like or dislike the author or a particular character) or merely summarizing themes or plot. DO NOT DO THIS- do not summarize. Begin with substantial passages that stood out to you as you were reading Daisy Miller and develop an explanation of how these passages are relevant to the themes mentioned below. Make sure to back up your argument with evidence and passages from the text. The essay should consist of focused, detailed, and evidence-based discussion not a broad, general thematic overview.

Themes to discuss in the essay:
-The theme of American vs European culture (old Europe vs the newness of America)
-Societys brutal treatment of individuals who are different and intolerance for individualism
-Victorian double standards for men and women represented in the story
Another optional theme to discuss: Tradition and customs

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