Theory of Learning

Theory of Learning Paper
Throughout this course, you have been focusing on theories of learning. For this final paper you will be asked to submit a paper defining what your theory of learning is all about. The goal is to be focused and concise in the explication of your theory. Be sure to include three parts in your paper:
•    Part 1 – Define “learning” and delineate the learning process from a theory and research perspective. (You are free to include your own opinions as long as they can be supported in the literature.)
•    Part 2 – Look at the learning process from the view point of “developmentally appropriate instruction.” How do the ages/stages at the developmental level of the students with whom you work impact your theory? (Again, include your own opinions as long as you can support them with the literature.)
•    Part 3 – Focus on the methods and strategies that are required in order to implement your theory. Obviously, everything presented here should be compatible with the ideas presented in Parts 1 and 2.
As you look at the flow of these three ideas, think in terms of: How does information get into and stay in the brain of a learner? How does that fit with the people with whom you work? And then – How does that translate into action?
•    Paper must be written in APA format
•    5-7 pages
•    Must include citations from original authors not just the text (Dewey, Bandura, Piaget, Vygotsky, etc)

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