total Safety Management (TSM)

Term paper shall be a literary survey of a specific topic gathered from various resources. Information or data may be collected from the WEB or regular textbooks, handbooks, etc.

Term papers shall have a cover page that includes:
Title of Term Paper
Your Name
Course Number
My Name
Due Date
Term Paper shall have a table of contents that include:
Introduction (showing the general concept of paper and scope of work)
Individual Chapters (showing a separation of findings)
Conclusions (summarizing your findings)
Citing Summary
All papers shall include footnotes depicting all cited works regardless of their source, and then summarized at the end of your paper.
If you selected microwave radiation hazards, it should explain briefly the major types of radiation and a comparison of microwave radiation with other types of radiation should be included. Then the microwave radiation characteristics, applications and hazards at the work place, home, etc., should be explained.
Term paper shall be a minimum of 8 pages (double spaced and 12 font size) not including the cover page or citing summary page.
Term paper should be submitted as a word document.

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