Training & Development

Assignment Task Requirements

1.An essay (word length 2500); and

Assignment Due date: 21 Sep 2014?
Weight: 40%?
Essay Length: 2500 words (+/- 10%)??
File type: PDF – please note this should not be a pdf created from a scanned document because this format cannot be interpreted by Turnitin

Task 1: Write an Essay

Using the concepts, theories, principles, and information found in the unit materials, and/or other relevant information sources, respond to the following task:

Critically analyse and discuss the issues and challenges in workplace, (Australian Defence Force, ADF) and/or industry have had to grapple with to effectively respond to the impacts of global and/or national developments in workplace education and training. Discuss the degree to which the responses made by your choosen workplace/industry reflect ‘best practice’.

In your answer indicate how your philosophical approach, and/or that of the specified workplace/industry sector, may have influenced this response; and identify the advantages and disadvantages for any organisation to achieve ‘best practice’ in workplace education and training.

Suggested strategy

1.Describe the education and training programs in your chosen workplace and/or industry.
2.Review recent changes which have occurred to the design and delivery of education and training activities and programs in your chosen workplace and/or industry.
3.Discuss the links between these changes and some of the national and international developments discussed in this Unit.
4.Identify some of the issues or problems which have had to be faced by your workplace and/or industry, particularly in meeting the changing requirements of the national VET system (eg introducing CBT, or developing training packages, or accessing qualified trainers or training providers, best practice policies).
5.Reflect on the degree to which these responses could be considered best practice (NB: you may also want to provide a definition of what you consider ‘best practice’ to be).
6.Draw out your own conclusions regarding the costs and benefits of recent changes in workplace education and training for your own practice, and the issues you expect to face in the future.

Formatting Your Essay
1.Save Filename As: Your Name Assignment 2 (e.g. John Smith Assignment 2)
2.Use a 10 or 11pt font size.
3.Use 1.5 or double line spacing.
4.Add a 4cm wide margin on the left hand side.
5.Add a title page (Assignment Title, Unit Code, Your Name, Student Number, Total No. of Words, Date Submitted)
6.Use headings to clearly define each section of your essay.
7.Include a table of contents.
8.Add a Reference List at the end.
9.You may use Appendices – these are to provide additional information that adds information, but which is not essential to the understanding of the main discussion.

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